Union Bay Watch | Mystery Bird

ImageThis bird is one you have seen and heard before, but which one is it? If you need another clue visit Union Bay Watch. In addition would you know a muskrat if you saw one. To see the photos click, Here.


Is there a bird faster than…The Fastest Bird on Earth?

This young, locally-born hunter was spotted on Union Bay.

ImageThe question is did she lose the title of The Fastest Bird on Earth? Find out more at Union Bay Watch.

Si’ahl: Fledgling 520 Eagle Sticks Around


Si’ahl, Eva and Albert’s 2013 eaglet, has learned to fly. However unlike last year’s siblings Si’ahl is staying in the Union Bay neighborhood.

In the last week Si’ahl has been seen on Foster Island, near the Broadmoor nest and multiple times near the Beaver Lodge Sanctuary (north of Madison Park) which is visible for bus riders on 520. See the photos and video. Learn what Si’ahl looks like so you can spot the fledgling yourself. Visit Union Bay Watch.

Eaglet leaves the nest that Eddie built!

Eva and Albert’s eaglet learned to fly! It has been seen flying for the last two days and so far has been found in the nesting tree each morning. It will be fun to see how long this young bird remains around Broadmoor and Union Bay. In the meantime see if you can guess what the bird was eating this morning. To find out if you guessed right (and to see more photos) visit Union Bay Watch.Image

520 Bridge Eagles have a New Baby Eaglet!


This year’s eaglet is growing at a faster pace than last year’s eaglets. Not having to share your food appears to provide a big boost in calories. Check out the baby photos over at Union Bay Watch.

Last year the eaglets did not learn to fly until August. Will this bird fly by July 4th? We will just have to watch and see.

Nesting on Union Bay

ImageI created my own nest in this tree. Can you guess what kind of bird I am? Would you like to visit me in the Arboretum?

Find out more at Union Bay Watch. Also, the 520 eagles have been patiently sitting on their Broadmoor nest this spring, so more eaglets could hatch any day now.

20130505-222202.jpgImages: unionbaywatch.com

Union Bay Watch: Earth Day Ducklings

These first of the year ducklings escape being breakfast for one of our local birds.ImageYou will never guess what type of birds helped them escape their fate. Learn more on:

Union Bay Watch!