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Sick Volunteer Park coyote ‘removed’ — Sightings continue in Interlaken Park?

Image: via Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

Image: via

CHS and King 5 report that USDA wildlife officials today shot and killed a coyote showing signs of mange that had been roaming around Volunteer Park. From CHS:

UPDATE: 3:30 PM: A USDA spokesperson tells CHS that the coyote has been killed. “I understand that the ill coyote has been found and removed.  No additional information is available at this time.” the brief statement reads. We were told the agent searching for the coyote was not on the Hill this afternoon but have not confirmed details of what agency was ultimately responsible for ending the hunt and killing the coyote believed to be suffering from mange.

Montlake Forum commenters have posted coyote sightings as recently as today, including in or near Interlaken Park. It is worth noting that Seattle Parks has recently confirmed a pack of healthy coyotes living around North Capitol Hill — so there are likely others in the area apart from the animal put down today.

Seattle Parks tells us that the search has turned up a healthy family of coyotes living near Volunteer Park — a good sign for the local ecology. “It’s great that a family of coyotes is making a good living in the area. They keep the rat and rabbit populations in check,” a Parks spokesperson tells CHS.

Owner spots stolen auto, gives chase

Image (and whereabouts): unknown

This morning while heading to work, a neighbor spotted his Subaru Outback, stolen two days ago, driving down 23rd Ave E. Giving chase while calling police, he followed the car back toward Montlake and through the Arboretum. After an erratic turn at E. Miller and an unfortunate U-turn stalled by a box truck, grand theft auto got away. Police arrived moments later to set up a containment zone — but to no avail.

Keep an eye out for a 2011 silver Outback with Yakima ski rack, plate #AFV7367 — and call 911 if you see it.

Arboretum holiday sale: Gifts & greens galore

Highclere holly. Image: © Roger Darlington

The Arboretum Foundation’s holiday sale and fundraiser is December 7th & 8th, offering sustainably harvested wreaths, eco-friendly swags and garlands, and plenty of non-invasive Highclere holly. The event also includes a full cornucopia of do-it-yourself decoration demos. On the program:

This year, we’re be featuring lots of DIY demonstrations and craft activities throughout the two-day event. On Friday at 1 p.m., author and outdoor living expert Debra Prinzing will show shoppers how to create beautiful holiday centerpieces using seasonal, locally grown materials; Northwest lifestyle and entertaining expert Alexandra Hedin will give a demo on Saturday at 11 a.m. about unique ways fresh greens can be used for the holidays; Sue Mariotti of The Terrarium Shop on Etsy will show you how to build a miniature terrarium (so hot right now!) on Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m., and Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Foundation volunteer craft specialists and educators from UW Botanic Gardens will also host show-and-tell activities during the event.

Miniature terrariums!

Live blogging the City Council 520 design hearing

The City Council’s Special Committee on SR-520 Project meets today with WSDOT’s Community Design team. The goal of the meeting is for WSDOT to present feedback from this fall’s public comment period and for councilmembers to review the design process. Here we go…

11:08: Public comments done. Always interesting…

CM Conlin: City budget funds studies of the Montlake Mess. Next meeting will be Jan 22nd at 2:30pm.

11:12 Julie Meredith and Kerry Pihlstrom presenting for WSDOT.

11:13 WSDOT: We are confident we can resolve pontoon construction issues.

11:15 WSDOT will host January open house of “Lake to Land Plan.” This plan is consistent with construction phasing in EIS.

11:18 Recently reduced budget shortfall of $1.4 billion still includes all original project elements, including second bascule bridge.

11:22 CM Conlin requests more intuitive information access on WSDOT website. Yes.

11:27 WSDOT received significant feedback – 1,607 responses.

11:28 Bike and pedestrian access was a major topic of feedback.

11:30 We look forward to working with the Seattle Bike Master Plan.

11:31 Significant feedback for new 30-foot wide ped crossing over I-5 at Roanoke. –Yes, hello Eastlake!

11:33 Portage Bay Bridge Trail would require additional study of environmental impacts.

11:35 CM Licata: Are you moving forward on that study or waiting for additional feedback? WSDOT: Still looking at our options.

11:38 WSDOT: “PBBT would be a change. We want to hear from Council.”

11:41 CM Licata: Conflicting goals for PBBridge: minimum width + ped/bike connectivity. WSDOT: We are open to adding PBBT. CM Conlin: WSDOT needs to hear from us on this issue.

11:45 CM Rasmussen: How tall would a cable stay bridge be across Portage Bay? WSDOT: 180 feet.

11:48 Over 1,000 public comments in support of trail on Portage Bay Bridge.

11:50 We haven’t done our best with non-motorized connections on Montlake Blvd… tried to preserve Olmsted blvd.

11:54 CM Bagshaw: What are next steps to ensure this area is user friendly for bikes and pedestrians? WSDOT: We do our best when we collaborate with local departments.

11:55 West Approach Bridge construction begins in June 2014. — So folks, no floating bridge to nowhere…

11:58 CM Conlin: Thanks for working with us.

12:00 One more thing. CM Rasmussen: What do we have to do to transfer Ramp to Nowhere lands to the Arboretum? WSDOT: After construction is done, it’s a possibility.

Poll: Rats!

Image: Flickr: Kris *V*

A reader wants know:

How many of you have ever received city complaints about rats in your backyard? We who live under Interlaken Park cannot NOT have rats. I use 5 electronic traps, and 2 rat motels, plus poison in many hidden places. I JUST started using a sprung rat trap. Oh, I felt SO BAD when it killed the sweet bird that has been hopping around on the ground for several years. The rats seem to learn so quickly, I never see any in the electronic nor motel traps. No animal nor human food is out.
Well folks, there’s only one way to solve this…

Pre-order holiday trees from Elementary School PTA by Nov 28th + get pancakes

Tree sale to benefit Montlake Elementary School PTA

Update: Order deadline extended…

Montlake Elementary invites you to purchase your holiday season trees and wreaths from us to support your local school while decorating for the season. All proceeds from this fun community event go directly to the Montlake PTAto benefit our students. Trees include Sheared Douglas Fir, Natural Noble Fir and Natural Grand Fir in many sizes. Also available are Noble Fir wreaths and swags as well as Cedar/Douglas Fir garlands.Trees and garlands are pre-sold only and order form and payment must be submitted no later than Friday, November 16 Wednesday, November 28th. An order form is available here.You will be able to pick up your tree and garland at the school on Saturday, December 8 between 11 am and 2 pm. Come early and enjoy a Pancake Breakfast beginning at 10 am.

Via Montlake PTA

Originally posted November 10, 2012